The company started under the name, "Ming Deng Instruments Services & Trading," in Singapore, specialising in lapping surface plates and repair of mechanical instruments.


First Calibration Laboratory

The first calibration laboratory is set up with the intention of providing a one-stop solution provider for customers’ calibration needs. The name was changed to “Ming Deng Metrology Services” to better reflect the company’s new direction. Laboratory mainly calibrates dimensional and force measuring instruments.


First Branch Laboratory in Thailand

To better cater to customers in the region, Ming Deng expanded operations to Thailand. Our first branch laboratory was named under "Ming Deng Metrology Services (Thailand) Company Limited."


SAC-SINGLAS Accreditation

We obtained SAC-SINGLAS accreditation in June 1999 for our laboratory. This is a major milestone for the company as it endorses the laboratory’s competence, credibility, independence and integrity in carrying out conformity assessment activities. This is a huge accomplishment as it signifies our technical competency and ability to manage our quality system according to ISO/IEC 17025.


Acquired Building for Branch Laboratory in Thailand

We purchased a building to firmly establish our foothold and commitment in Thailand. With the acquisition, we are able extend our network and influence on a larger scale. The building is located at 170/438-439, Moo 3, Serithai Road, Kwang Kannayao, Khet Kannayao, Bangkok 10230.


Accreditation for Thai Branch Laboratory

Thai branch laboratory managed to receive accreditation from SAC-SINGLAS with the commitment of every employee in Thailand and support from Singapore’s headquarters.


One-Stop Centre for Calibration Needs

The scope of calibration capabilities was extended to electrical and temperature measuring equipment to meet the growing demands in these two areas. With added resources for calibration of dimensional, mechanical, electrical and temperature measuring instruments, we are now well-equipped as a one-stop calibration provider.


International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC-MRA)

  We registered with SAC to be included under the ILAC-MRA. Under ILAC-MRA, reports issued by SAC-accredited laboratories are recognised by member countries of the ILAC-MRA worldwide. Clients no longer need to conduct re-calibrations in the importing economy. Ultimately, customers can save time and money.


Expansion of HQ and Branch Laboratories

  With the yearly expansion of our calibration capabilities, the company has moved to bigger premises for both Singapore’s and Thailand’s laboratories to accommodate new equipment in the dimensional, electrical and temperature laboratories as well as additional staff. We also increased new electrical scopes to better support the needs of the motor industry. With the re-location, we now offer an even wider range of services.